Book Reviews

“In “A Black Man Thinking, Volume 1 – Raising Children”, public speaker and parenting expert Maurice Arthur draws upon his more than 26 years of experience working with children as a mentor and tutor, and as the father of two children, to provide a vision of what it takes and how to go about raising happy, successful, accomplished children of good character. Addresses the issues of family structuring, parenting skills, and parental strategies, Arthur succeeds in showing how it is not a matter of socio-economic standing, but the transference of values and character from one generation to another that will determine successful parenting. Articulate, ‘reader friendly’, informed and informative, “A Black Man Thinking, Volume 1 – Raising Children” is recommended reading for any parent, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, or economic status, who seeks to have their children go out into the world equipped with the family values, ethics, character, and moral strength to succeed – especially when the time comes for them to raise families of their own.”
– Midwest Book Review: May 2007